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By CheerTone | 26 October 2022 | 0 Comments

How to Examine The Social Responsibility of Electronic Toy Manufacturers

I believe that the electronic toy manufacturers and buyers will have a certain understanding of the factory inspection on social responsibility.Such as SA8000 (Social Responsibility Standard) is applicable to companies of different sizes in any industry all over the world.ICTI inspection is mainly aimed at European and American countries.The BSCI is focused on European countries.In the following articles, I will introduce the relevant content of BSCI in detail.

BSCI inspection is Business Social Compliance Initiative.The business compliance initiative is a social responsibility audit of BSCI members’ global suppliers.It targets mostly European retailers and buyers.Recognized by 1,300 members of many European brands and retailers such as LIDL, ALDI, COOP, ESPRIT, METRO GROUP, HEMA, ICA, etc.

(Source: baidu baike

As for the main contents of BSCI inspection, the whole inspection process can be divided into two parts: social responsibility and ethics.As following picture shows:

The first part :social responsibility mainly includes the following seven aspects:

1.Fire fighting equipment.Fire extinguishers and water pipes are checked and recorded monthly.

2.The marking of emergency exits, escape routes, emergency lights, emergency evacuation plans and the training of employees’ safety awareness.

3.Warning signs for machines.Tin stoves must be carefully labeled for high temperatures.

4.The perfect exhaust system.Mainly discharge industrial waste gas and dust generated by workshops.Reduce physical hazards to workers.

5.Relevant health and safety measures.Each department and workshop must be equipped with medical kits and professional first aid personnel.Employees working in the oil injection department must  wear activated carbon masks and PPE (personal protective equipment).If chemical liquids are involved in the production process, there must be a second container for chemical supplies, so as to avoid Bodily harmand environmental pollution caused by the dumping of chemical liquids.

6.Machine maintenance and repair.Machines in special departments like the injection molding department must be inspected and maintained monthly.

7.MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) label.Each workshop should be labeled with MSDS.It mainly includes chemical composition, use, hazard and first aid measures.A great use of it is when workers have an accident,clearly kown the first aid measures, in the first time to minimize the harm to human body.


The second part:Ethical policies 

1.No child Labour shall be employed.

2.No underage workers shall be employed.If hired, there must be special protections for this group.For example, can’t work in high-risk departments such as injection molding and oil injection;The factory provides annual physical examinations until they reach adulthood.

3.Occupational health problems.Workers who work in injection molding, oil injection, soldering, are provided with three physical examinations.It is divided into: on-board physical examination, annual physical examination, leaving physical examination.

Since the BSCI factory inspection process is so strict, what benefits will it bring to the purchaser?

1. One BSCI certification can satisfy different guests,Reduce the second party audit of foreign customers to suppliers and save the cost of factory inspection.

2. Comply with relevant regulations of the buyer’s country to reduce unnecessary import restrictions.

3. The reputation of a factory is an important factor for its sustainable development in the industry.If a manufacturer does the best in social responsibility, then the reputation of the factory is trustworthy,is worthy of long-term cooperation.

4. The employee’s welfare and emotional needs are satisfied,Therefore, guaranteed the delivery time and the quality of the products.


When you want to go to China to find the right electronic toy manufacturer,In addition to the comprehensive strength of manufacturers,Social responsibility is also a big factor.Especially customers in European countries.The certification of BSCI factory inspection is the most powerful evidence.At the same time, it also saves the time of customer’s field trip. So when you’re looking for a quality electronic toy manufacturer in China, do you know how to look at its social responsibility?

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