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By Kids Electronic Toy Manufacturer Cheertone | 26 April 2024 | 0 Comments

Eco-Friendly Kids Electronic Toys Manufacturer - Cheertone

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With the sustainable development of society and the concept of environmental protection taking root in the hearts of the people, environmentally friendly children's electronic toys are also gradually emerging. Both consumers and manufacturers are making their due contributions to the sustainable development of society. 

When consumers choose toys, they will check whether the toys have environmental certification, the qualifications and authenticity of the manufacturer, etc. Children's electronic toy manufacturers are also constantly upgrading their production environments and equipment, and independently applying for and passing environmental certifications such as CPSIA and EN71.

In this blog post, we will discuss the future market of eco-friendly kids electronic toys and Cheertone social responsibility and current situation as a manufacturer of eco-friendly kids electronic toys.

The future market of eco-friendly kids electronic toys
Industry: The toy industry is one of the most plastic-intensive industries in the world, and environmental protection is becoming a new trend in the industry. It is reported that many toy giants such as Mattel, Lego, Hasbro, and Bandai have incorporated low carbon and environmental protection into their production and development goals, and have successively launched environmentally friendly toy products. 

According to the latest data, the global environmentally friendly toy market is expected to reach US$59.6 billion by 2030.

Led by leading companies, the entire toy industry is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Many children's electronic toy manufacturers also regard environmental protection as one of their important social responsibilities.

Taking China as an example, the number of manufacturers developing green and environmentally friendly toys in China is increasing year by year, but most of them are mainly exported, and the demand in China's local market is relatively small.

In the process of transformation and upgrading of many manufacturers, they basically first improve their products in terms of product materials and product durability to meet the standards of social environmental protection and sustainable development.

Consumers: At the 36th Shenzhen International Toy and Educational Products Fair, a reporter interviewed a number of environmentally friendly toy manufacturers and learned that overseas consumers in North America, Europe and other countries have a greater demand for environmentally friendly toys. Even though environmentally friendly toys The price is slightly more expensive than toys made of ordinary materials, which is acceptable to customers.

With the development of the times, people pay more and more attention to the education and growth of their children, and the age of parents also tends to be younger. Young parents who have received higher education also have a certain understanding of technology and materials. Therefore, environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and harmless standards are also the primary factors that young parents consider when buying children's toys.

Product category: In the process of upgrading environmentally friendly children's toys, the first thing to bear the brunt is plush toys. According to a reporter from the Chinese and Foreign Toy Omnimedia Center, we learned during a visit to the plush toy production area in Dongguan, China. Local plush toy companies that focus on export use many raw materials from recycled plastic bottles. Discarded plastic bottles are recycled and processed into fibers, which are then processed into cloth, yarn and other materials for use in the manufacture of plush toys.

As international environmental protection requirements become increasingly stringent, toy bodies made of recycled materials can no longer meet demand. Manufacturers also need to ensure that product labels, packaging, etc. are all made of environmentally friendly materials, and pass GRS certification (Global Recycle Standard global recycling standard certification), and carry out FSC certification for packaging bags.

In addition to plush toys, other types of products such as wooden toys and plastic toys are being transformed and upgraded in the direction of environmentally friendly toys. For example, the straps of kids smart watches, the shell materials of kids instant print camera bodies, and product accessories such as silicone cases are all made of non-toxic and harmless environmentally friendly materials.

Cheertone proactively takes on the important task of sustainable social development
With growing concern for the environment, the toy industry has made huge strides in adopting sustainable practices in toy manufacturing. As a professional manufacturer of kids electronic toys for 18 years, Cheertone focuses on reducing energy consumption, implementing circular economy principles and minimizing packaging waste, and contributes its due share to protecting the ecological environment.

Comply with international regulations and standards
As we all know, whether it is an environmentally friendly toy or an ordinary toy, it needs to pass international certification before the product can complete the export trade. Cheertone is a professional manufacturer of children's electronic toys certified by BSCI and ISO9001. We comply with international standards for our employees and production processes. We know that employees are the foundation of enterprise development, so employee welfare and employee safety are the two basic elements that we attach most importance to.

In addition, our products have also passed international safety certifications such as ASTM, CPSIA, EN71, etc., and can be exported to all over the world unimpeded. For the average children's toy manufacturer, these certifications may be considered too expensive and choose to ignore them. But we know very well that product certification is the stepping stone to selling around the world and the key to building trust with consumers. 
Cheertone Product Certifications
Cheertone Product Certifications
Most distributors or retailers come from all over the world, and the cost of traveling to China to visit factories is too high. Therefore, we have taken this into consideration for our customers. If customers have any need for factory inspection, we are very welcome. Because we believe that mutual benefit and win-win results are the key to success.

Reduce energy consumption and implement circular economy principles
Cheertone has passed the certification of China high-tech enterprises in 2024. This certification indicates that the company has independently developed core technologies and product patents, and is equipped with an experienced R&D and design team. Cheertone has always insisted on independent innovation. In order to comply with the emerging trend of environmentally friendly children's toys, we have upgraded and transformed our product materials and structural design.

Environmentally friendly production raw materials
We know that as children grow up, they are always exposed to a variety of toys or items. If the items that children come into contact with use toxic materials, the consequences will be disastrous. 

Therefore, in the use of production raw materials, Cheertone has always insisted on using environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless materials. For example, the body of the kids smart watch is made of ABS plastic with good stability, wear resistance and anti-aging, while the strap is made of skin-friendly and environmentally friendly silicone material to protect the growth of children.
Cheertone Product Material QCCheertone Product Material QC

Durable and easy-to-manufacture product design
In addition to environmentally friendly materials, the structural design of the product will also affect production energy consumption. A good product must be easy to produce, easy to use and durable. Cheertone has experienced product structure engineers. 

When developing new products, they will conduct multiple prototypes and trial production to test the product's production efficiency and energy consumption. Through structural improvement, the product structure is made as small and refined as possible, ultimately minimizing the possibility of running out of production energy. 
OEM ODM kids electronic toys manufacturer cheertone
In addition, the durability of the product also allows consumers to use it longer and avoid unnecessary waste.

Green and environmentally friendly packaging material design
In the design of product packaging materials, we have always adhered to the main design concept of "Small and Beautiful", aiming to use the most reasonable, simple but beautiful design to package products and deliver them to consumers intact.

Take Vtech product packaging as an example. Although its packaging is relatively exquisite and its see-through window design allows consumers to see the true appearance of the product at a glance, it is very large and difficult to transport. In addition, most of Vtech packaging has screws to ensure the stability of the box. However, many consumers have reported that this design is very troublesome. Originally, they were just buying a holiday gift for their children, but they still needed a screwdriver to remove it.
Vtech kidizoom print cam package box
Vtech kidizoom print cam package box
Cheertone product packaging design is different from Vtech. We advocate durability, exquisiteness, and small size. While ensuring that the product is not damaged by the transporter, the packaging is made more exquisite and user-friendly, and at the same time, the damage to the environment caused by discarded packaging materials is reduced as much as possible.
Cheertone product package box collections
Cheertone product package box collections

With the rise of eco-friendly toys, manufacturers are adopting innovative materials and more scientific production methods to minimize their impact on the environment. From renewable materials to reducing packaging waste, the industry is keeping pace with the growing demand for greener options.

This shift not only benefits our planet, but also creates a healthier and more conscious environment for children to grow up in. Embracing environmentally friendly toys is undoubtedly a positive step towards a green future, and Cheertone is fulfilling this social responsibility.

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